How to Overland Africa Independently (Kenya to Namibia then South Africa)

This is a summary post about how to Overland Africa independently. Ben had an old Toyota 4WD Land Cruiser sitting in Arusha available (but a rental will do just as well) and I was available. We made up the route as we went; we camped in lodges ($10 per night if you have a tent) or free-camped along the way.

I provide details in this post that include maps, costs and logistics as well as links to additional details, photos and videos. This is a self-guided adventure on a shoestring. Follow the links to dig deeper into the adventure.

Background of ‘How to Overland Africa Independently’ Story

This is an Easy ActivityThe players are Ben Schroder and I. We met at his used sporting goods store many years ago and had crossed paths in the world a few times to share adventures. He had emailed me and asked if I was available for 5-6 weeks to move his car from Tanzania to Namibia or South Africa (basically an independent and unscripted overland Africa trip). I agreed enthusiastically. Fast foreword a few months and I’m in Kenya.

About Africa

Separated from Europe by the Mediterranean Sea, Africa is joined to Asia at its northeast extremity by the Isthmus of Suez (transected by the Suez Canal), 130 km wide. From the most northerly point, Cape Blanc (Ra’s al Abyad) in Tunisia, to the most southerly point, Cape Agulhas in South Africa, is a distance approximately of 8,000 km; from Cape Verde, the westernmost point, to Ras Hafun in Somalia, the most easterly projection, is a distance (also approximately) of 7,400 km. The coastline is 26,000 km long, and the absence of deep indentations of the shore is shown by the fact that Europe, which covers only 9,700,000 km2, has a coastline of 32,000 km.

Our 26-day overland route took us from Kenya (my starting point) or Tanzania (Ben’s starting point) to Windhoek, Namibia, via Malawi and Zambia. I then continue on into South Africa for another 20 days of public transport and local car rental overland adventures. The overland route covered over 8,000 km of road, fields, desert and riverbeds.

How to Overland Africa Independently Part 1 Outline (Kenya – Namibia)

Day Country Details
1 Kenya Hell’s Gate National Park, See Video 85, See Kenya Post for Details
2 Kenya Longonot Volcano National Park, See Video 86, See Kenya Post Details
3-5 Tanzania L’Oasis Lodge Arusha
6 Tanzania Arusha to Zebra Campsite, See Video 87, See Tanzania Post for Details
7 Tanzania Zebra Campsite – Tanga – Crab Camp
8 Tanzania Crab Camp – Saadani NP – Bagamoyo Camp, See Video 88, See Tanzania Post for Details
9 Tanzania Bagamoyo Camp – Udzungwa Forest Camp, See Video 89,  See Tanzania Post for Details
10 Tanzania Sanje Falls Trail, See Video 90, See Tanzania Post for Details
11 Tanzania Udzungwa Forest NP – Isimila Pillars – Bush Camp, See Video 91, See Tanzania Post for Details
12 Malawi Bush camp – Kiwira Volcanic Bridge – Sangilo Sanctuary Lodge, Malawi, See Video 92, See Post Detail
13 Malawi Livingstonia & Manchewe Waterfalls, See Video 93, See Malawi Post for Detail
14 Malawi Sangilo Sanctuary Lodge to Mayoka Lodge
15-16 Malawi Lake Malawi & Mayoka Village, See Video 94, See Malawi Post for Detail
17 Malawi Mayoka Village – Nkhotakota GR – Lilongwe – Roadside Lodge camp, See Video 95, See Malawi Post for Detail
18 Zambia Roadside Lodge – South Luwanga NP – Croc Valley Camp, See Video 96, See Zambia Post for Details
19-20 Zambia South Luwanga NP, See Video 97, See Video 96, See Zambia Post for Details
21 Zambia South Luwangwa NP – Lusaka – bush camp, See Video 98, See Video 96, See Zambia Post for Details
22 Zambia Bush camp – Zambizi River Maramba Lodge, Livingston
23 Zambia Victoria Falls, See Video 99, See Video 96, See Zambia Post for Details
24 Namibia Livingston – Caprivi GP – Hippo Camp, Zambizi R, Katima Mulilo
25 Namibia Hippo Camp – Popa Falls – Hoba Meteorite, Roy’s Rest Camp, See Videos 100 & Video 101, See Namibia Post for Details
26 Namibia Roy’s Rest Camp – Palmwag Lodge, See Video 102, See Namibia Post for Details
26-27 Namibia 4WD Hoanib River (Lions & Rhinos)– Bush Camp, See Video 103 & video 104, See Namibia Post for Details
28-29 Namibia 4WD Hoab River, Desert Rhino Camp – Cape Cross, Skeleton Coast NP, Swakopmund, See Videos 105, video 106, video 107 & video 108See Namibia Post for Details
30 Namibia Swakopmund & Dunes, See Video 109 & video 110, See Namibia Post for Details
31 Namibia Swakopmund – Spitzkoppe Tented Camp, See Video 111, See Namibia Post for Details
32 Namibia Spitzkoppe to Windhoek
33-34 Namibia Windhoek

Note that the Post Details are scheduled for weekly release through the end of September 2019.

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