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Get off the Couch, and get out! At Realworld Adventures Livio has been taking real people on real adventures for 15+ yrs. This blog is dedicated to outdoor adventures for real people (independent travelers) on limited budgets and unlimited drive. No special talents or deep pockets are required. Each of these adventures or activities have been inspired by fellow travelers, novels, dreams, or chance.

This blog is the how-to or DIY site. There are also 200+ travel/adventure videos with over 130 million total views to date. The current topics cover 13 types of travel/outdoor activities, in 35+ countries and 11 regions of the world. Most blogs include logistical details, maps and even long narratives (the story).

This site is focused on how-to or DIY so that anyone can redo the adventures themselves.

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Sorry, due to a constant stream of junk and Viagra links I’ve disabled the post comments feature. Yes it sucks, but what’s a guy to do when he spends so much time on the road instead of in front of a computer deleting junk? But do feel free to send me a direct comment here if you must ask a relevant question (and no I don’t want to get involved in a Nigerian billion dollar project).

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This site does not collect cookies or any other personal information. At least not that I’m aware of. So browse, take notes, steal stuff and then get off the couch and get out in the world.

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How it all began…3 Summits, the film.

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Press Release: LizzyB App Available for Special Needs children (specifically Autism).

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