Caving In My Front Yard, Croatia

For years I’ve heard stories about the old mines in Istria, Croatia and especially the one in the front yard of our summer house. So when I found a volunteer crazy enough to explore the uncharted depths I couldn’t resist attaching a harness to her and setting out on a mini-adventure (caving in my front […]

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Highlander Velebit Mountains Trek, Croatia

Regal mountains, an organization well tuned to adventure and participant camaraderie made the Highlander Velebit Mountains trek a 5-star experience. The Croatian Highlander Adventure organization put this package together in two forms. The long consisted of a 5-day 104 km route and the short a 3-day 55 km version. Due to time constraints I opted […]

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Scuba Diving/Snorkeling in Murter, Croatia (or Treasure of Colentum)

Treasure of Colentum

Secret Treasure of Colentum or Snorkeling for Treasure started with a signpost that tells tourists to snorkel for ancient artifacts dating from the 1st Century BC. Ancient ruins, isolated islands, pristine beaches, easy snorkeling and mermaids all make for an enjoyable visit to the Croatian island of Murter. Some background about Colentum! The island of […]

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