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Find and explore treks from your mobile device in preparation for an adventure of a lifetime with the Trekking Nepal app. Or use the app to find trekking buddies. The app includes maps and all the major treks (with GPS tracks, facts, blog links and personal videos).

Once you’ve found the perfect trek reach out via the built-in forums to find trekking buddies or contact one of our referral agencies for logistical help.

The app now also includes limited referrals to trekking agencies, hotels/Guesthouses, gear suppliers, eateries, blog sites and gear providers.

So plan ahead or just explore treks with the provided maps, tracks and simulators (walk or fly over the area).

Why Does A Person Need the Trekking Nepal App?

  1. Explore trek options from home or on the go by map, cards and calendar.
  2. Access to trek related information, news and updates on the go via mobile (before, during & after). News to All users or just by Org/Trek they are registered to.
  3. Interact with others via the Community forum to compare notes or find trekking partners, chat & share. (No exchange of personal data to connect with other Trek participants needed)
  4. Trek maps (online and offline) with tracks (when included in the data pack) and basic GPS navigation. 
Plus walk, run or fly through the course using Open Street maps or Satellite maps.
  5. ‘Send my location’ feature for organization check-in stations, to friends or for emergency help.
  6. Shop (register for events or buy stuff) from your phone (linked to trek promoter web sites).
  7. Optional User Login to Profile Data (public & private settings) for Achievements, Leader-boards, Forum, Chat, etc.
  8. App, Map & language Settings are configurable (English, Italian & Spanish).
  9. All user meta data is stored on web hosting servers.

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Find Recommended Places to Eat & Stay

Find Recommended Agencies

Active Links per Shop Card

Click on the location button and a live map opens with the location of the business marked with a pin. Activate the GPS button to move towards the location pin in real-time. This is similar to Google Maps but built into the app.

Click on the Info button on any shop card and your device will open the web page of the business. This is a page designated by the business to provide additional information about it’s services and background, etc.

Click on the Shop button on any card and your device will open the sales web page of the business. This could be their booking page or their general store, etc. The link is determined by the business to best provide the user with direct sales.

The download button will download the data for the specific e-pack card. Once the data is downloaded it will automatically appear on the World Map page. And when you switch to the home age it will be re-configured for the downloaded data and organization. You can then switch between data sets with the Organization drop-down box that will appear below the Cards on the home page or in the filter of the World Maps page.

Back Story

The developer (Livio) created this app because he was a fan of trekking with an organization called Highlander Adventure in Eastern Europe. However, he found some aspects of their treks problematic. Specifically organizing the treks by date so that he could avoid conflicting trek timelines (hence the calendar feature) and the inability to find trekking partners as well as pre-trek rides and logistics (hence the forum feature). Then the app expanded with new requests, such as world map pins, online/offline maps with GPS tracks and more.

Livio continues to expand the app’s features/versions based on his trekking experiences on other continents and user input. Want something? Contact Livio below.

Disclaimer about the Forums and Private Chat Rooms 😉

What this app is not! This app is not intended to be the next Scrabble Dating App;-) Yes there is a forum for you to find trekking buddies. No it is not intended for you to find your next x-wife/x-husband. So please be respectful and keep on trekking.

Need Technical Details?

Visit Mobile App Framework Screens & Features Page

Send Livio an email with comments and questions.

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