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Worldwide’s Trekking Nepal app is joining forces with Agencies/Organizations with content to share. The App is available on Apple and Google stores. Worldwide is currently seeking early adopters with content to share.

How it works! Worldwide will place eShop referral cards for different kinds of businesses based on app user referrals or based on Livio’s real life experiences. These placements are free but subject to Worldwide’s (Livio’s) approval and verification.

Why? Things have changed in Nepal since Livio’s last visit in 2016. Places he stayed, ate, drank or shopped have moved on or disappeared. As such, he needed to start hunting for replacements. That search lead to the new eShop scene in the app.

The Trekking Nepal App focuses specifically on Nepal

Select the shopping cart to access the referral eShop screen.


Sample Blog Card

Want to be in the App?

The Trekking Nepal app has an eShop feature that contains limited direct referrals per the following categories.

Eatery (& drinking)
Suppliers (gear)
Blog & Video sites
Direct Sale of Items
App related enhancements via IAP.

We are limiting initial placement to a maximum of 10 information cards per category. Below is the development sample.

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See Who is involved with the app.

Send Livio an email with questions.


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