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Trekking Nepal (or Events, etc) Mobile App Framework Screens & Features

NOTE! The images below are for Marathon data but also apply to trekking, bicycling and other outdoor activities. Your content images will vary based on which Data Pack(s) you have installed.

The main screen is called Explore from which the user explores the upcoming events in 3 ways.

Explore Events    1. By pins on a map      2. By cue cards       3.By calendar

Slide the Explore screen up & down or sideways on Event Cards to see all sections (including news feed).


Select Events from World Map with Pins

Or Select Events from Cards or Calendar

See Newsfeed section below…

From Base Map Use GPS Realtime Navigation

Continue to Explore Event with Simulation or Fly Over

Explore with Terrain/Building View

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Slide up and down to see products and registration available for purchase. Links to Organization store site. The App does not sell Registrations or Products directly.


Forum and Chat Screens

Find trekking buddies or ask questions about a trek in the Forums. Then make friends and connect in the Chat rooms. Chat with the Event community (registered participants only) for a period before, during and after the event).

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