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Other Events/Activities Mobile Apps

Worldwide Waypoints, LLC (Worldwide) has developed mobile apps for outdoor events, initially for marathons, but any outdoor event venue will fit (trekking, races, festivals, etc.).  The initial Outdoor Events app has been re-skinned to be more focused and are intended for specific markets and to provide better control over the app content and audience. These include the following apps (also available for download on the Apple and Google stores).

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The Original Outdoor Events App (Available in Apple & Google stores)

So far these have been branded and placed in the Apple and Google stores for release in the coming months.

Trekking Nepal (Available in Apple & Google stores)

Spirit Bikepacking (Livio & Miro are on it…)

Mountain Club Events (Coming soon…)

African Safaris (Coming soon…)

Wiki Cruises (Coming soon…)

App Downloads

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