Three Outdoor Adventures in Sardinia, Italy


This post is about three outdoor adventures in Sardinia. I provide details that include maps, costs, logistical requirements and facts as well as links to additional details, photos and videos. This is a self-guided adventure on a shoestring. Follow the links to dig deeper into the adventure.


In this Sardinia series we start at the bottom of (or more accurately, below) the island by visiting Neptune’s Grotto (Grotta di Nettuno), then a middle spot in the bowels of Canyon Corropu (Gola di Gorropu), and finally the top of the island at the summit of Punta la Marmara.

Cost Details:

Neptune’s Grotto (Grotta di Nettuno) entrance fee
Canyon Corropu (Gola di Gorropu) entrance fee
Punta la Marmara – summit – free
3 nights B&B
Car rental
Total $220
2019 prices

Three Outdoor Adventures – Neptune’s Grotto

Neptune’s Grotto is a stalactite cave near the town of Alghero on the island of Sardinia, Italy. The cave was discovered by local fishermen in the 18th century and has since developed into a popular tourist attraction. The cave extends about 4km but only a small portion is open to tourists.

Click to watch Video (January 3rd)

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Visit the Cave Logistics

Alghero Tourist Of Office Cave page

Three Outdoor Adventures – Gorropu Gorge

The Gorropu gorge (in Sardinian the term gorropu means “gorge”) is a deep canyon located in Supramonte, on the border between the municipalities of Orgosolo and Urzulei. The gorge was created by intense erosion from the waters of the Rio Flumineddu. The gorge’s depth is over 500 m and the width is as little as 4 meters at the narrowest point. It is considered the deepest canyon in Italy and one of the deepest in Europe.

Gorropu Gorge Details Link

Price € 5 adults € 3.50 children
+39 328.8976563 or +39 347.9575875

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Three Outdoor Adventures – Punta la Marmara

This is a non-technical summit that is a half-day hike at most. However, like all mountains, you need to be aware of the weather. The trailhead is at the end of a road, at the foot of a ski lodge. The first (lower summit) is located above the lodge and marked by a small wooden cross. Continue along the ridge following the well marked trail to a summit two humps to the south. The summit has the usual mountain top adornment, a large cross and a log book.

Coordinates of summit: 39° 59′ 13.3548″ N, 9° 19′ 27.1812″ E

Elevation 1,834 m

This Sardinia zip file contains detailed trekking maps for the Punta la Marmara summit and the Gorropu Gorge.

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Punta La Marmora is a mountain in the Gennargentu range, Sardinia.

Summit Post details.

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