LizzyB Learning Tools – My COVID-19 Adventure

Travel during these COVID-19 self-quarantine times, especially international adventure travel, just isn’t possible. So rather than sitting alone in a cave for a month, I decided to join my daughter and her family.

One of the four toddlers in the family is on the autism spectrum and needed special attention, especially while the other kids were involved in home-schooling activities. I noticed that she seemed left out and bored.

I decided to take advantage of this special coronavirus situation by creating a family project. I would learn how to write a game app and the kids would help me design and test the app.  LizzyB Learning Tools was born.

By mid-April our first release was ready.

LizzyB Learning Tools is a totally free educational and developmental game/tool for all children. It is designed specifically for children on the autism spectrum but is also useful for neurotypical toddlers. Children can work on matching, short-term memory, number and letter recognition, fine motor skills and more and have fun while doing it!

This app especially targets skill development for children with autism and developmental delays. Using easy to understand instructions and eye-catching animation, children move through tasks commonly practiced in therapy sessions.

Reports are provided for the parent to monitor progress and maintain records. Want to show developmental activities as part of your home-school records? No problem! LizzyB Learning Tools records the amount of time spent in each activity and you can export it for your records.

This is a great tool for young children and children with special needs to be able to use independently (or with minimal assistance).

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Breaking News!

Press Release: LizzyB App Available for Special Needs children (specifically Autism).

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