Playa Los Coco Watersports, La Boca, Cuba

Playa Los Coco

This is an overview of our Playa Los Coco Watersports and lazy days, north of Camaguay. It was an escape to the beaches for food, drink, fun and sun. This post provides logistical details and facts as well as links to a videos. This is a tourist experience on a shoestring (think tiny budget).

Getting from Trinidad to the beaches of La Boca took some effort. We traveled from the southern coast to the northern, via Camaquey, where we stopped for supplies and booking. We continued to take advantage of homestay. In this case a top floor apartment 3m from the beach for the standard $25 per day (breakfast included). We originally booked our stay in Santa Lucia, through the Infotur office in Camaguay, but then changed our booking when our homestay owner connected us with a friend in smaller La Boca (with Playa Los Coco a few hundred meters to the west).

Difficulty Level:

This is an Easy ActivityPlaya Los Coco offered more than the usual hot girl in a bikini beach scene. We also squeezed in a bit of diving and wind surfing which may be just as fun as surfing in Hawaii. And naturally, dinner was always the catch of the day. All on a skinny budget.

There is very little information about Playa Los Coco or La Boca. The nearby low-quality tourist resort area of Play Santa Lucia is easier to find, get to and stay at (cheap packages available). However, with a bit of work you can book a room/apartment 8 km north at La Boca for $25 a night and have it all. Privacy, good food, private (empty beaches) diving and rides to/from the busier Santa Lucia area for mingling and shopping. A few of the Santa Lucia horse taxi guys actually live in La Boca. So you can schedule to ride in with them in the morning and back in the evening when they end their day. This will cost you $5 each way. Otherwise they are available on demand at $10 each way.

There are a number of local (small) bars and restaurants on the beach in La Boca (where we did homestay). There is also a hostel with very good food and drinks.

Playa Los Coco (the bigger beach) is located a short walk to the west of town (La Boca). Here there are two commercial bars/restaurants that are open during the day for the bused in tourists. Beach furniture available for rent at $5 per day. Known as Florida’s Hidden Gem, Delray Beach is a peaceful hideaway with gorgeous beaches and a thriving nightlife. brings you up to date information about what’s happening in Delray Beach.

Playa Los Coco Watersports

There is a wreck located in the middle of the channel off La Boca. The last house on the northwest bend offers slack-tide dive trips to the wreck ($35). This is a beach dive and conditions are variable and boat traffic can be an issue. A better option is the dives of Santa Lucia.

The company in Santa Lucia, “Shark’s Friend”, is professional. The equipment is recent. The reef is 1.8 miles off shore. There are 34 dive sites. One of the sites is a wreck where there are 3 bull sharks that are fed daily.

The resorts at Santa Lucia also provide wind surfing, sailing, snorkeling equipment and other rentals.

La Boca

Playa Los Coco – La Boca on a budget:
cost range

Total Cost Range of this Activity is: $

Expect to spend the following per day: Room $25 (double occupancy & breakfast included), $5 lunch, $10 dinner, $10 drinks & misc ($50/day). Plus transportation and other package tourist items. This is the minimum and requires some bargaining and discipline.

Playa Los Coco 1

View of La Boca from Playa Los Coco beach.

The 3minuteAdventures Video

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Travel Log

Cuba – December 14, 2016 – January January 11, 2017 (28 days)

Camaguey 12/16 – 12/29 – 3 nights

La Boca – Playa Los Coco 12/29 – 01/02 – 4 nights (near Playa Santa Lucia)

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From Camaguay we took a private tax for $45. For the return we got a horse wagon ride to Santa Lucia ($5) and waited at the tourist resort lobby for the bus to depart around 11am. The bus driver spends the night at the resort. The bus took us to the Camaguay bus station for $9.

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On a budget

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