Cycling from St Petersburg to Key West Florida

This is a quick post about me cycling from St Petersburg to Key West Florida. I provide details that include my route map, costs and photos purely for motivational purposes. This is a self-guided adventure on a shoestring. Follow the links to dig deeper into the adventure.

This is a 8 day slow bicycle trip that started on a bar bet with Scott Hoey and Rich Hruda. Somehow I claimed that I could ride a junk bike, that had been left outside the bar, to Key West. It’s amazing how alcohol emboldens us.

This is an Easy ActivitySo the next day Scott and I set about fixing the bike. He then drove me across the Skyway bridge in south St Petersburg and deposited me on the side of the road. And that is how it began. This is back November, 2003, two years before google maps came online. So I used a paper map and simply made up my route as I went.


cost range

Total Cost Range of this Activity is: $

Cost Details:

4 Nights free camping in my tent
1 Night at friend’s house in Miami
Meals & munchies
KeyWest X-press boat back
Total $110
2001 prices

Trip Summary

Trip Part Details
St Pete to Miami Day 1 – 35.4 miles
Day 2 – 49.7 miles
Day 3 – 62.5 miles
Day 4 – 42.6 miles
Day 5 – 63.8 miles
Total 254
Miami to Key West Day 1 – 39.5 miles
Day 2 – 64.2 miles
Day 3 – 71.3 miles
Total 175
The Bicycle Grand Total 429


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Photos from St Petersburg to Miami


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Photos from Miami to Key West and Back

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