Motorbike Around Merapi Volcano Ride, Sumatra, Indonesia

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In this post I outline how to Motorbike Around Merapi Volcano Ride, Sumatra, Indonesia. It includes logistical requirements such as maps and facts. This is a self-guided cultural experience on a shoestring.
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This is an Easy ActivityFollowing provided by Ulrich Rudolph, RAJAWALI-HOTEL, Bukittinggi, or +62.752.31905

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Around-The-Merapi Tour by Motorbike

  1. From Bukittinggi to Baso, Tabahpatah, Salimpaung, Raorao to Batusangkar.
  2. From Batusangkar to Umbilin, Lake Singkarak, Batipuh, to Padangpanjang.
  3. From Padangpanjang via Kotobaru back to Bukittinggi (ca. 120 Km).

From Bukittinggi drive the mainroad (easterly main direction to Payakumbuh and Pekanbahru) to BASO (ca. 10 Km). In Baso (the market is on the left side) turn RIGHT and leave the mainroad, or ask for the road to Batusangkar if you can’t find it. In TABAPATAH, 12 Km behind Baso have a stop to visit the Coffee Roastery “Kopi Kiniko”. See how they roast the coffee and try a cup. Its very good coffee!

around merapi ride around merapi ride

Via SALIMPAUNG, RAORAO to BATUSANGKAR (about 18 Km). In Batusangkar follow the mainroad into the town and ask for RUMAH GADANG PAGARUYUNG (The Castles) There is a big and a small castle. The small one is situated on the right side of the road, before you see the big castle at the left side. The big queens’ castle burned down in March 2007 during a thunderstorm and will be build up again, but the smaller castle of her daughter is carved and very colourful painted and worth to visit.

From BATUSANGKAR to UMBILIN at the LAKE SINGKARAK turn back to Batusangkar and ask for the road to UMBILIN. Halfway between Batusangkar and Umbilin you will pass the village of BALIMBING. There are traditional historic Minang houses to see. Ask for!

In Umbilin at the Lake Singkarak turn right and follow the main road at the lakeside to the northwesterly end of the Lake Singkarak To BATUTABAL. There is a railway bridge at the right side and a gate at the left side of the road. 1 Km behind the gate you will find a nice beach for swimming.

From the beach in Batutabal to PADANGPANJANG. (from the gate to the mainroad) follow the road via BATIPUH to PADANGPANJANG. In Padangpanjang follow the road into the center of Padangpanjang straight ahead to the main-T-crossing.

around merapi ride around merapi ride

In Padangpanjang you will find another big “Rumah Gadang”, named “Istana Silaung”.

To go there, turn at the main-T-crossing to the LEFT and follow the mainroad into the direction to Padang. After 2,3 Km or 450 m after the gas station at the the right side of the mainroad turn LEFT to the smaller road. Pass the arch-gate and after 250 m comes the Istana Silaung into sight. If you can’t find the location, ask for “ISTANA SILAUNG, or RUMAH GADANG, or KAMPUNG MINANG”.

Close behind the Istana Silaung is the “Minang Village” located and also worth to see.

For the way to Bukittinggi go back to the mainroad, turn RIGHT (direction to Bukittinggi) and follow the mainroad always up. This leads you all the 18 Km back to Bukittinggi via the mainroad.

You should LEAVE PADANGPANJANG NOT LATER THAN 17.00 hrs to be back in Bukittinggi by daylight.

It is dangerous to drive the mainroad in the dark!

Don’t forget: What ever you will do, you do it on your own risk.

Take care and have a nice day!

Ulrich Rudolph, Rajawali-Hotel, Bukittinggi, Westsumatra, Indonesia (Dec. 18, 2008)

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