Canyon Walk Near Bukittinggi, Sumatra, Indonesia

bukittinggi canyon walk

In this post I outline how to do a canyon walk near Bukittinggi, Sumatra, Indonesia. It includes logistical requirements such as maps and facts. This is a self-guided cultural experience on a shoestring.
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This is an Easy ActivityFollowing provided by Ulrich Rudolph, RAJAWALI-HOTEL, Bukittinggi, or +62.752.31905

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 The Canyon Walk (7 Km, 2.30 h)

The best time of the day, to start a canyon walk, ist the morning time at 07.00 hrs. At this time the walking in the canyon is cool and fresh. Later it is hot and the sweat is running.

You walk up the Jalan A. Yani to the crossing with the green mosque at the corner. In front of the mosque turn to the right into the Jl. Tengku Umar and follow this road up to the top and after you passed the top, always down to the canyon, the exits of the Japanese caves at your left. Pass the u-turn and the river by the bridge and after 250 m on the left side you find a warung build from bamboo and a footpath. Follow the footpath and the steps up to the top of the canyon. You will see a few graves and the footpath leads you to the mainroad of the village (KAMPUNG SIHANOK). At the crossing turn left and follow the road through the village and to the next village, called KOTO GADANG.

bukittinggi canyon walk bukittinggi canyon walk bukittinggi canyon walk

         Warung and the Footpath                         The Canyon and the Merapi                      Steps up to Kampung Sihanok

bukittinggi canyon walk

Map of Bukittinggi and the Canyon

In Koto Gadang, at the crossing with the mosque turn to the left again and this is the road through the village until the corner of a small place, pasar minggu, the saturday-market,

where the villagers buy vegetables, fruit and other things for the weekend.

Koto Gadang is a village where you will find fine silver art and silver works. Ask for silver works and the people will show you places where permanent exhibitions take place. There are always a few exhibitions and if you want, you can buy this silver-work too.

At the corner of the Saturday-market turn to the left again. This road leads you out of the village and into the canyon again.

bukittinggi canyon walk bukittinggi canyon walk bukittinggi canyon walk

                       Footpath up                                   The Suspension (wire) Bridge                                       Steps up

Before you climb down the stairs back to the canyon, there is a viwepoint on the right side. You must pass a field, where the villagers grow chily and other vegetables. Be carefully if you stand on the edge of the canyon. It is more than 80 m down to the ground. The viewpoint is closed this time and will be reopened soon.

From this point turn back and walk the stairs down until you reach the suspension (wire) bridge. Cross the river by this bridge and take the footpath to the left. This footpath leads you out of the canyon and at the u-turn you reach the mainroad up to Bukittinggi again.

Don’t forget: Whatever you do, you will do it on your own risk.

Take care and have a nice day!

Ulrich Rudolph, Rajawali-Hotel, Bukittinggi, Westsumatra, Indonesia (Dec. 18, 2008)

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