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This post is part of the 3 Summits Trek series. This one describes the logistics of how to summit Gr Priel (Großer Priel) at 2,515 m, the highest mountain of the Totes Gebirge range in Austria. I provide details that include maps, costs, photos, videos as well as links to two additional summits in the series an a full narrative (which contains additional summit trek details). This is a self-guided adventure on a shoestring.

moderateI did these summit treks with my son as an initiation right when he turned 16, after reading Millman’s, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, which concerns a young man who begins a spiritual journey of enlightenment. They took place in Austria, Morocco and Greece in May and June (5 weeks). The actual trek took two days and one night. There is a mountain refuge (Welser) a half-day round-trip hike from the summit that can be used as a high base camp. It has an emergency room attached that is open all year.

But before we begin with the details (which include maps, tracks, prices, accommodation and so much more) lets place the video front and center for those that want to watch before they learn.

The Video

How to Summit Gr Priel Video

Now that the video is done, let’s get down to the nitty and the gritty.

Maps & Facts

cost range

Total Cost Range of this Activity is: $

How to Summit Gr Priel Cost Details:

2 Nights at hostel (before & after trek)
2 days trekking food
1 Night emergency hut voluntary fee
Total $100
prices do not include transportation to Europe or the trail head areas.

How to Summit Gr Priel – Getting There

Wells is the closest transportation hub to the small town of Grunau. From Wells we boarded a Gr. Priel Europe Area Locationtwo-car train that travels between Grunau (the town in which Hitler was born) and Wells every two hours on a single track. Incidentally, a bus, that is run by the Austrian rail network and accepts the Eurorail passes, also makes this same journey multiple times a day.

We found a list of local hotels and hostels posted in one of the station windows. We located our objective, the Treehouse Hostel Hotel which could’ve undergone a recent hotel remodeling, and for a mere 20 Euro-cents called the four-digit number to reach our host, Gerhard, and asked for our free station pickup.

How to Summit Gr Priel Accommodation

The Treehouse hostel also provides transport to/from Lake Almsee and area trailheads for a small fee.

How to Summit Gr Priel Supplies

Grunau has a small supermarket with enough items to easily provision a two-day trek.

How to Summit Gr Priel Trailhead & Timing

Our trailhead was at the Almataler Haus hostel at the junction of trail 404 and trail 215. This hostel can also be used as an alternate to the Treehouse hostel, but would be less fun. A signpost indicated that it should take three hours to reach the Welser Hut and then another two hours to reach the summit. We hoped to reach the summit, then spend the night at the Welser hut and then return the following day.

Route to summit from Almataler Hut is on trail 215, then 262 then 250. See trail route map below.

How to Summit Gr Priel Trail Route Map

Gr. Priel Route Map

Click to download large version of priel-route.

A closeup of the summit area:
Gr. Priel detailed Summit MapClick to download detailed priel-route map.

How to Summit Gr Priel Map I Used

Grunau National Park Map

How to Summit Gr Priel GPS Waypoints:

Start at Almataler Haus
N  47 45.305
E 014 01.040
2,363 ft – 720 m
Welsner Hut
N  47 43.420
E 014 02.956
5,688 ft – 1,734 m
Pre-Summit Precipice
N  47 42.962
E 014 03.450
8,150 ft – 2,484 m
N  4743.016
E 014 03.795
8,278 ft – 2,523 m


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