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About Outdoor Events Mobile App Framework Project

Worldwide Waypoints, LLC (Worldwide) has developed a mobile app for outdoor events, initially for marathons, but any outdoor event venue will fit (trekking, races, festivals, etc.).  Worldwide will join forces with event based Organizations with content to share. The Event App is available on Apple and Google stores. Worldwide is currently seeking early adopters with content to share.

The Event App comes in 3 flavors (all free to download and use).

App Downloads

 Google Play
 App Store

Flavor #1

This App (Outdoor Events) hosts the events of different organizations/chapters. It downloads from the store with some sample marathon data owned by organization = worldwide. However, the user may go to the ‘Download Event Packs’ tab and download any number of event packs from different organizations and of different event types.

Flavor #2

These are more focused and different versions of the above ‘Outdoor Events’ that are intended for specific markets and provide better control over the app content and audience. These include the following apps (also available for download on the Apple and Google stores).

Mountain Club Events
Trekking Nepal
African Safaris
Wiki Cruises

Flavor #3

These apps are re-branded/re-skinned version (per Organization) and built as stand-alone apps. The re-branded apps’ meta data will be maintained on each Organizations’ own web server after an initial trial period.

In all cases Worldwide will maintain the apps while the organizations will control their own event and meta data. This is a win-win for small and large event Organizations as well as Worldwide.

Why Does A Person Need this Event App?

  1. Explore event options from home or on the go by map, cards and calendar.
  2. Access to event information, news and updates on the go via mobile (before, during & after). News to All users or just by Org/Event they are registered to.
  3. Interact with others via Community, Event participant forum, chat & share. (No exchange of personal data to connect with other Event participants needed)
  4. Event maps (online and offline) with tracks (when included in the data pack) and basic GPS navigation. 
Plus walk, run or fly through the course using Open Street maps or Satellite maps.
  5. ‘Send my location’ feature for organization check-in stations, to friends or for emergency help.
  6. Shop (register for events or buy stuff) from your phone (linked to event promoter web site).
  7. Optional User Login to Profile Data (public & private settings) for Achievements, Leader-boards, Forum, Chat, etc.
  8. App, Map & language Settings are configurable (English, Italian & Spanish).
  9. All user meta data is stored on web hosting servers.

Why Does An Event Promoter Need this Event App?

  1. Provide users with an integrated mobile view of your events by map, cards and calendar.
  2. Send event information, news and updates to user mobile devices (before, during & after). This includes News to all your Organizations users or just by the Event they are registered to.
  3. Interact with users by setting up and curating Forum Event Topics. (No exchange of personal data to connect with other Event participants needed).
  4. Provide Users with tracks to let them explore the events in greater detail from their mobile devices. This includes walk, run, cycle, drive or fly through the course simulations using Open Street or Satellite maps.
  5. Keep tabs on participants with easy check in or in emergencies with the ‘Send my location’ feature.
  6. Sell more and register more with the app Shop that links to event promoter web site.
  7. When a User Logs in the organization gains additional insight and demographics..
  8. Make life easier for your users by providing multiple language support (English, Italian & Spanish).
  9. Organization will have admin rights to the user meta data that stored on web hosting servers.

Why Does An Event Promoter Need Their Own Re-skinned App?

  1. If the Event Organizer has enough users and market strength they may want to create their own mobile event/data universe.

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Technical Details

Events Mobile App Framework Screens & Features

The main screen is called Explore from which the user explores the upcoming events in 3 ways.

Explore Events    1. By pins on a map      2. By cue cards       3.By calendar

Slide the Explore screen up & down or sideways on Event Cards to see all sections (including news feed).


Select Events from World Map with Pins

Or Select Events from Cards or Calendar

See Newsfeed section below…

From Base Map Use GPS Realtime Navigation

Continue to Explore Event with Simulation or Fly Over

Explore with Terrain/Building View

Get the Latest App, Organization and Event News

Visit Shop and Chat Screens

Slide up and down to see products and registration available for purchase. Links to Organization store site. The App does not sell Registrations or Products directly.

Chat with the Event community (registered participants only) for a period before, during and after the event).

Visit Profile & Settings Screens

Send Livio an email with comments and questions.

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