Mua Mission Side Trip, Malawi

mua mission

This is a side trip of stop over at the Mua Mission on our drive north along Lake Malawi. I provide details that include maps, costs and photos. This is a self-guided day of goofing off and boredom. Follow the links to dig deeper into the adventure.

An easy side trip from Dedza (about 20km east via a long and winding descent) just off the M5 highway or a rest stop if driving up the M5.


The oldest Catholic mission in Malawi, it sits on the base of the Rift Valley escarpment along a fast flowing NuNgoni river and waterfalls. It was established by the White Fathers in 1912 and houses a guesthouse (Pantondo), crafts center, medical facility, local villages and an over full museum as part of the KuNgoni Center for Arts & Culture. The highlight of the museum are the Gule Wamkulu masks, but in my personal opinion it was just too much stuff in a small space so it came across as cluttered.

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Museum Entry Mk pp.
Art Gallery Entry Mk pp.
Pantondo Double room (full breakfast included) Mk
Pantondo Dinner Mk pp
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On our way north towards Mkhata Bay we stopped in at the Mua Mission and turned it into an overnight stay and walk about. The 1912 church is the center piece of the mission or perhaps the museum or maybe the waterfalls or gardens (you descide). All in all it’s a nice place to stop if passing by, but not worth a major deviation in my opinion.

Mua Mission Photos

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Mua Mission Accommodation

Pantondo Chalets 

0999511884 or

Other Accommodation

After visiting Dedza we did a long drive-day north (on our way to Mkhata Bay) to stay at the Ngala Bech Lodge for 3 days of comfort, good food, great camping and lets not forget, the infinity pool. Located off the M5 about 2 hours south of Nkhata Bay. It’s an isolated chill-out place.

Download the Mua Mission GPS file mua gpx here.

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