Motoring in Rwanda


This is a quick post about exploring Rwanda by motorcycle-taxi as alternative to bicycling or walking. I provide a few details, photos and a video. This is a self-guided adventure on a shoestring.

easyRwanda the land of many hills is not a place to explore by foot or bicycle. Why? Way too many hills. So we set out to moto-taxi explore Gisenyi. An inexpensive and fun way to see Lake Kivu and the locals.


While Kigali is the capital and full of restaurants it is still just a large city, even if a very clean and safe city. My preference was to hang out in Gisenyi, an easy 4 hour shared van ride west (on a good highway).

Why Gisenyi you may ask? It is a lovely lake-side town with a good number and range of guesthouses and hotels. It offers mountain outing options and even lake swimming (for the brave).

Plus it provides easy access to the Virunga National Park in the DRC for those with ambitions. See my DRC post for those adventures. And easy access to southern Uganda and the lovely Lake Bunyonyi district. See my Uganda post for details.

Anyway, Cristina was working across the border in Goma and weekend visits and expat lifestyles with lazy pool-side days were norm.

Yet eventually the months passed and I needed to do something worth filming (besides sitting at pool or lake-side restaurants drinking the locally brewed beer.

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So we rented a couple of moto-taxi drivers for the day and set out to explore and find a fabled convent (and yes another lake-side spot to eat and drink the afternoon away).

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