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A while ago Seth & I decide to hike the Bruce Trail (from Hamilton to Niagara Falls). Here I provide details that include maps, costs, logistical requirements and facts as well as links to additional details and photos. This is a self-guided adventure on a shoestring. Follow the links to dig deeper into the adventure.

Hike the Bruce Tail Outline

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In summary this hike took us 4 days from Hamilton to Niagara falls (and aeasy 1 hour bus ride back). We did not prepare in advance, nor did we take much gear or a tent. Basically we treated it as a day hike and assumed we’d find accommodation along the way. We were both correct and incorrect in making this assumption. See Advice below for more details.

Day 1:  28.3km

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Red Hill Valley Trail Hamilton to Mt Albion Falls (3.5km) Bruce Trail to Casablanca Winona (20.8km) then Hwy 8 for Hotel at 50 Rd (4km)

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Day 2:   38.6km

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Fifty Rd to Vineland Victoria Ave(32.6km) then Jordan Hotel (6km)

Bruce Trail Map 2

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Day 3:   28 km

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Vineland Victoria to St Catharines-St David & Merritville (28km) then bus downtown for Hotel

Bruce Trail Map 3

Bruce Trail Map 3 Detailed

Day 4, 23km

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St Catharines (Glendale Ave) to trail end Niagara (23 km). We visited the falls and then took a bus back to Hamilton.

Bruce Trail Map 4

Bruce Trail Map 4 Detailed

Total Hike Distance 117km

Hike the Bruce Tail Accommodation:

See Bruce Trail Reference, Trail Guides and Maps, below.

The Bruce Trail Reference guide shows all the camp sites as well as side trails and roads that lead to built up areas where hotels may be found.

A tent is not strictly a necessity, however without one, we found that it added a great deal of extra walking to our day, having to descend from the escarpment each evening and then search for a hotel along HWY 8 (plus the following morning re-ascent back to the escarpment). A small tent would have been a much easier option.

Hike the Bruce Trail Bus Information

Go Buses are available to/from these locations and stop at pre-defined spots/towns along the way.

Toronto to Niagara Falls
Toronto to Hamilton
Niagara Falls to Hamilton or Toronto

hike the Bruce Trail Maps

Bruce Trail Reference, Trail Guides and Maps
The Bruce Trail Association
Rasberry House, PO Box 857
Hamilton On L8N 3N9


Hike the Bruce Trail Advice

We did the hike in late May, 2003 and even though it was sunny at times, it was also very cold and rainy at times. This is Canada and the Great Lakes add a cooling effect year-round. So bring extra layers, even in the summer, and a light poncho.

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