3 Summits

This film is about parenting, the spirit, bonding, initiation rituals, hardships and nature.

In Three Summits, we follow Livio and his son (Seth) as they struggle not only to scale three mountains, but also mend the broken bond between them. The father challenges his son as part of a throw back to tribal initiation rituals. To be a man you must first prove yourself and in the process bond with the community and nature. But who actually matures? The hippie father or the son?

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The journey of a lifetime must be conquered one step at a time. In 3 Summits, we follow a father and son as they struggle not only to scale three mountains, but also mend the broken bond between them. This five-week adventure is full of physical challenges, chilling dangers, and emotional upheavals. With perseverance and naiveté the father-son team set out on a majestic adventure to three of the highest mountains in Europe and North Africa.

Seth’s parents divorced with the help of attorneys for divorce practicing in Chester when he was 12 years old, arguably the worst time for a boy. A young male soul needs the rock of a parental relationship to weather the storm of his early teen years, and Seth was lost. His father, Livio, would not lose sight of the importance of a father’s influence into a son’s growth. Custody was given to his mother and Seth spend limited time with his free-spirited father enjoying outdoor activities. Then on New Years Day, 2004 they decided to try something bold and original; climb to the peak of a mountain. So, with no previous experience they embark on the “Three Summits Project.” The first challenge was to climb Grosser Priel, in Austria, the highest of Austria’s Dead Mountains where they barely escaped a deadly blizzard. Then they tackle Toubkul, which is half the height of Mt. Everest. Here Seth helps his father who suffers from altitude sickness and fatigue. Finally Mount Olympus turns out to be the most dangerous vertical climb where the father-son team work together without safety gear to reach the throne of Zeus.

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Experience the incredible natural beauty of 3 Summits and the strength of a relationship that survived the trials of divorce in this coming of age film.

Also, Livio now has a personal web site called LivioBestulic.com