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Space Math for Toddlers – Android Only

Space Math for Kids (preschool kids) is made of 3 parts. The first teaches counting (1-10) with numbers and objects. We found that Lizzy memorized the numbers easily but struggled to interpret them as objects, especially when required to recite them in different combinations (numbers vs objects or mixed). However, it soon became clear that this was still perhaps a bit too difficult so I changed this app to be a second stage number learning game and a preschool math learning game. (see Autism Counting 123 above for the autism beginner counting spin-off).

The second stage involves simple addition (1-10) with emphasis on symbolic numbers vs actual objects. Again, a difficult concept beyond simply memorizing.

The third stage changes from addition to subtraction.

Each of the above stages includes sequential vs random ordering and mixing of visual cues and finally a second level of each that use higher numbers.

The first level was expanded primarily because Lizzy’s preschool siblings liked to play it so much. It was then released as a preschool math game. The functionality of this app have been included in Autism Counting 123 in order to get that app past the Apple Store review process. Therefore this app will not be available in the Apple Store.

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