Mulanje Guide Goster Gulani

Mulanje Guide Goster lives in the Likhubula village (walking distance to the Forestry Gate). He can be reached at the phone numbers below and is available to guide with one day notice for all sides of the mountain. If doing a multi-day trek you will need to send him around 8,000 Mk in advance so that he can purchase food. It’s best to find any mobile vendor and have them send the money to him by phone transfer. There is no fee for this service.

I highly recommend him for a number of reasons.

  • he knows all the paths and trails
  • he is accredited by the Forestry Department.
  • he charges very little per day and carries your gear (one pack and his own stuff)
  • he is a good person.

goster guide


Contact & Costs:

Cell mtn +265  (0) 883359546
Cell Airtel + 265 (0) 998981268


10,000 Mk per day (MCM club members), May 2019 prices.

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