Doing Nepal’s Annapurna Circuit Trek

This is a quick post about me doing Nepal’s Annapurna Circuit trek. I provide details that include maps, costs, logistical requirements and facts as well as links to additional details, photos and videos. This is a self-guided adventure on a shoestring. Follow the links to dig deeper into the adventure.

The Annapurna Mountain range is an impressive and picturesque spread of Himalayan high mountains (Annapurna I being over 8,000 meters and dozens more in the 7,000 meter range). It is also an extremely well traveled area for backpackers and trekkers. The conventional treks are the circumnavigation of the central range, following river valleys either clockwise or counter-clockwise (the Circuit). This is a Moderate ActivityThis trek generally takes approximately two weeks and involves a steady increase in altitude that tops out at the Thorung La Pass (5,416 meters) and then turns into a steep descent of 5-7 days (assuming a counter-clockwise direction). A trek into the Annapurna range now also includes considerable fees, many administrative checkpoints, a high concentration of trekkers of all types (from hard-core climbers to over-weight westerns being lead on ponies), and a modernized setting (all villages now have electricity and roads are being built along the entire circuit).

I opted to do the circuit with two lovely young Danish girls (Irena and Sina) that agreed to be filmed along the way if I took care of the administrative tasks. I refused to hire a guide, porters, or the new TRC permit, opting deal with the strict inspection points in real-time. I then met two US trekkers (Al and Casey) that had just pre-paid for 18 days of guide services for the Circuit trek. I asked them if we could tag along with them. They agreed when they saw that I was trekking with two young eligible Danish blonds (boys will be boys). I planned to stay close to the boys and see how things worked out.


cost range

Total Cost Range of this Activity is: $$

Cost Details:

15 Trek Nights at Guesthouses (100Rs if agree to eat a lot)
15 Guesthouse dinners
15 Guesthouse lunches
15 Guesthouse breakfasts
Buses to/from trek
Total $355
2006 prices
Guide Services: I did not have one, but the two Americans had a very competent guide and nice guy. Ram Chandra ( 98415 424 53

The evening before departure went over the trip details and verified that the packs weren’t too heavy before we each went off to make last minute arrangements (store our belongings at our respective guest houses or buy additional supplies of chocolate bars and candy).

Annapurna Circuit Trek Narrative continued…

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Annapurna Circuit Trek Summary

Departure from Kathmandu (1,310m) via local bus from North Bus Park

Day Destination

Altitude (m)

Altitude (ft)
1 Bhulbule 853 2,814
2 Jagat 1,340 4,422
3 Dhurapani 1,943 6,411
4 Chame 2,713 8,953
5 Pisang 3,165 10,445
6 Manang 3,530 11,649
7     Side trip to Glacier
8 Thorung Pheti 4,420 14,586
9     Acclimatization Day
10 Thorung Lee Pass 5,415 17,870
10 Muktinath 3,820 12,606
11 Marpha 2,667 8,801
12 Ghasa 2,012 6,640
13 Tatppani 1,189 3,924
14 Ghorapani 2,874 9,484
15      Poon Hill 3,210 10,593
15 Birethanti 1,037 3,422
16 Pokhora 915 3,020
1 meter = 3.3 feet

Annapurna Circuit Trek Maps

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