Autism Counting 123 Project

A totally free beginner number learning game for kids with developmental delays (autism specially) and toddlers. It speaks & writes it’s questions in multiple languages. Here is the list of current languages supported.

English, German,

Italian, Portuguese,

Croatian/Hrvatski & Spanish.

Planned… any other we can get!


Autism Counting 123 Project

This is a non-profit activity.

Inspired by Neal Stephenson’s 1995 novel, Diamond Age, in which a Honk Kong technician designs an interactive book to function as the social and educational companion to a lonely little girl. Based loosely on the novel, my goals are to create custom learning apps for my granddaughter and then give them to the world (for free).

Help – Volunteers Needed

I need volunteers to translate around 50 words from English into different languages and to provide audio files of the numbers 0-20 and for future use the words “plus, minus, divided by, times and equals”.

Follow the contact link to get involved.

Autism Counting 123 Description

Broken into four counting numbers sets with five levels to each. The first is 10 teach the numbers 1-10. The second 10 levels teach 11-20.

The number questions include associated quantities of satellites in sequential and random order as the game progresses. As the child learns the numbers the associated satellites disappear and the become more varied. The goal is to teach the child that each number is associated with a quantity of objects, rather than simply memorizing the number.

This same pattern of varying satellites and complexity is used for the first 2 levels (numbers 1-10) and then again in the remaining 2 game sets (numbers 11-20).

The app continues to evolve. Latest new additions include 20 number jigsaw puzzles.

Plus soon 20 rotating number puzzles and number sequence order learning levels.

The game includes lots of visual cues to help learn the numbers and keep the child’s interest.

At the conclusion of all 20 sets a celebration screen appears with gold stars indicating the levels completed, confetti and more.

The game moves logically from easy to harder sets, however, you can also go to the levels screens and pick any level.



The app was built as a trial initially and will be incorporated into the LizzyB game soon.

We decided to release the build-out four game set for teaching all small kids their first set of numbers.

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Contact Livio to inquire or volunteer.

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