Delete My Data Request Form

Security & Delete My Data Request:

We don’t collect or sell any of your data.

Account Creation

However, if an app lets you create an account (like Trekking Nepal or Outdoor Events), that account is stored on our secure web server.

Your data is encrypted using RSA + AES keys handshaking. The reason why we added a double layer of security and don’t use only RSA is because RSA encryption/decryption requires more resources (and so time) than AES, besides the fact it effectively adds more security and standard management for such situations.

Delete your data from the App

Any app that lets you create an account includes a ‘Delete My Account’ feature. Use this feature to delete your account info on our server.

You can also reset any app in the Settings screen with a ‘Reset’ button.

This is basically a factory reset.

All on phone data will be deleted.

The app will behave as though it is a new install.

Be careful with this feature since it deletes any data you may have entered or achieved via app use such as:

Language preferences

Color preferences

And any other preferences you setup within the app.

Delete My Server Account Data For Me

If you would like us to delete your server account data rather than using the ‘Delete Account’ button, then fill out this form and we will make it happen.

Add the following:

Your name and the email you used to create the account.

Subject: Delete

Message: Delete

    Thanx for using our apps.


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