Medical Symptoms & Activity Tracker

Medical Symptoms & Activity Tracker performs a correlation between a user’s medical symptoms and activity choices.

Create your own list of symptoms (cramps, pains, mental health, etc). Then create your own list of activities (daily steps, gym workouts, hydration, medications, etc.)

With your symptoms and activity lists start recording them each day, week or as often as you want. Just pick the item and mark it with one of three choices, happy, so-so or sad (positive, neutral or negative for lifestyles).

Optionally add short or long notes to each input.

Then start to analyze your symptoms and activities over time with line bars, pie charts and line graphs.

See how your symptoms and lifestyle activities trend over time or how they interact. Example: Does low hydration correlate with high numbers of cramps?

You create the symptoms/activity lists and how much and when to add data and how to interpret the relationships.


App Features:
o Create your own list of Symptoms.
o Create your own list of Activities.
o Record how you feel & what you do as often as you want.
o Review your input in a calendar format.
o Use over 15 reports to analyze your data.
o Configure the app language and more.
o Set daily reminder notifications to input your data.


Demo Video:

Track & analyze your symptoms vs activities over time.

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