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I stayed in an empty dorm room at Bike Adventures upon arriving in Jinja. A good place for a bicyclist but a bit empty.

On the night before the Source of the Nile event I stayed in a room at the Nile River Explorers. Very popular with the young backpackers and volunteer types (the free super duper water slide helps).

After the event I stayed at the Jinja Base Camp. Very nice place with a pool and lots of interesting travelers (an older crowd, but not too old;-)

Source of the Nile Event

Activate Uganda is the Organizer

Bike Shop Uganda is one of the Sponsors.

Various GPS Tracks

Download GPX Files

Livio Kampala to Jinja Part1

Livio Kampala to Jinja Part2

Jinja Return by Northern Route

Download all Kampal-Jinja jinja-gpx

Nile MTB 30 km

Nile 50 km & 25 km run (the 50 is 2x the 25 km)

Nile 12 km Run

Download all nile gpx

Download sezibwa_falls.gpx

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