Manali to Leh Expedition – Narrative

Manali to Leh

Himachal Pradesh to Ladakh, India Manali to Leh Expedition Ok, how complicated or adventurous can a simple jeep trip from Manali to Leh be? I wasn’t searching for an overland expedition, just a ride. Actually I had made the trip before, but in the other direction so knew that the route is pretty rugged in […]

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Ride to Lamayuru Monastery


Ladakh, India Lamayuru Ride Lets rent a motorbike and ride to Lamayuru, Cristina stated. I looked up from my eggs on toast breakfast and frowned. She continued to stare at me expectantly while I chewed my toast much longer than necessary. We were in a holding pattern. She was playing the persistent Italian girlfriend and […]

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Search for the Digar La Pass Trek

Diga La Trek

Ladakh, India The Mysterious Digar La The objective was simple. It was the Nubra Valley to the north of Leh, in Ladakh, India. Actually there were a few details that I neglected to consider. Primarily that there was now a road from Leh to the Nubra that crossed over the highest motorable pass in the […]

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Nubra Valley Ride, India

Nubra motorcycle 3

Ladakh, NW India The Ride While eating a savory roasted chicken plate, I wondered if perhaps today I would finish my meal without having to concede to another outing, especially since Cristina and I were even. I had previously agreed to her Lamayuru request and then she had agreed to my failed attempt at trekking […]

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Pakistan-India Border Crossing

Indian woman runs with flag

War of Plumes Wagah Border Ceremony The lowering of the flags, or the Beating Retreat ceremony at Wagah border near Hussainiwala National Martyrs Memorial, is a daily military practice that the security forces of India (Border Security Force) and Pakistan (Pakistan Rangers) have jointly followed since 1959.[1] The drill is characterized by elaborate and rapid […]

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Pakistan, Nanga Parbat Trek – Narrative

Nanga Parbat Jeep

Jeep Across the Deosai Plains You Call That A Trek? Psst, buddy, you want to make a deal? That wasn’t exactly what the guy said, but it was what it sounded like to me. I was sitting in the dusty back room of a hovel in a small village in Pakistan and was trying desperately […]

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Pakistan, In Search of K2 Views at Machi Lu La Pass

Machalu Pass, Pakistan

The photo was all that I’d hoped to see in Pakistan. In that single photo, standing prominent was K2, the second highest mountain in the world, as well as Gashurbrun I (11 th ), Broad Peak (12 th ), and Gashurbrun II (13 th highest). Four of the world’s 14 giants, all within one photo […]

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