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Get off the Couch, and get out!

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GET OFF THE COUCH, get out and live your own adventure.

Short Synopsis

It's all about real people on limited budgets and unlimited drive having their dreamed-of outdoor adventures in visually exotic locations . Each of these adventures or activities were inspired by fellow travelers, novels, dreams, or chance. They were planned and executed with a minimum of effort in most cases and usually include fellow travelers found on location.

Full Synopsis

The objective of each adventure activity is to motivate regular people, many of whom may have experienced a life event (breakup, divorce, death of a loved one, loss of a job, or retirement) to get off the couch and have an adventure. These adventures can be as simple as getting on a cheap bicycle and riding for a few days or as difficult as trekking into a remote Himalayan region to summit a 20,000ft mountain.

In each adventure/episode a small number of travelers are taken on an outdoor adventure by our action host and cameraman, Livio Bestulic. The travelers are not necessarily “couch potatoes”. They are simply a cross section of real people that are easy for the viewers to relate with. Livio sets up these adventures and acts as guide, videographer and mentor while the party struggles to reach the agreed objective. Physical and emotional hardships are generally part of the experience.

The adventures are rated as Easy, Moderate, Hard, and Extreme. The majority of the adventures fall into the Easy and Moderate categories since the show is focused primarily on regular people who may not be athletic in nature. A small number of the adventures are Hard or even Extreme in order to appeal to the physically fit viewers who may also want to ‘get out there.'

The rules of each “adventure” are simplicity and self-accomplishment, specifically:

  • Must have a specific objective, based on a difficult personal achievement, in order to create a success/fail result.
  • The party should be small (no more than four principals) and one Team Leader.
  • Team Leader is the “creative director” and may sometimes be the cameraman.
  • Minimal equipment is provided, and porters, yaks, mules, horses, and support vehicles are discouraged (within prudent safety guidelines).
  • Each member of the party should carry their own gear (standard trekking rules).
  • Accommodation (e.g. tent, hut, home-stay, guest house) will depend on the circumstances and location of the adventure but should be minimal at best.
  • Technical skills are not required to accomplish the stated objective.
  • Packaged adventures are discouraged, and multiple group packages are NOT acceptable.

Filmmaker's Biographies

Livio Bestulic, (CPA retired), Director/Producer/Cameraman/Editor

Livio Bestulic was born in Sydney, Australia but was educated in southern Ontario, Canada, attending elementary school, high school and two universities in the area. Upon graduation he immigrated to Miami Florida with his new family and eventually settled in the Tampa Bay, USA area.

He worked for two international accounting firms, had been employed at senior management or director levels at two international corporations, owned and operated a number of software development firms. One of his software products led to a partnership with a Miami firm involved in the print, commercial and film industry.

Upon his diverse Livio left the corporate world and focused on the entertainment industry His experience includes casting for two Hollywood motion pictures (Bad Boys 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean), numerous music videos, commercials and print jobs.

When Livio's son (Seth) was 16 they had the opportunity to spend a summer together doing outdoor activities across Europe and North Africa. Livio filmed these adventures ( and slowly became more and more active in creating, promoting, writing and filming outdoor adventures for real people.

Over the past 6 years Livio has participated in and filmed over 60 adventures.


2006-To date (39 Adventures) shot in 1080i-50 HDV

Prior adventures shot in SD NTSC

Last 34 Edited Adventure Shorts

(release in reverse order)

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In Search of K2 Views, Pakistan. Episode 1
Story at Machilu La .
This is a trek into the Baltistan provincial Karakorum Mountains to find the Machilu La Pass from which spectacular photos of K2 are possible.

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Temples of Louang Prabang, Laos. Episode 18.
A few days in steamy Louang Prabang turned out to be ideal for some temple hopping and sightseeing.

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Nanga Parbat Trek, Pakistan. Episode 2.
Story at Nanga Parbat .
This is a combination jeep safari across the Daiosi Plains to reach the Rupard face of Nanga Parbat (9th highest mountain in the world at 8,125m) and then a short trek to reach the Herlligkoffer Base Camp.

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Summit of Vietnam's Mt. Faxipan. Episode 19.
Story at the Faxipan .
This is a fast two-day summit of the highest mountain in Vietnam at 3,143m. We set out from the near-by village of Sapa with a guide, a porter, and a minimum allotment of time.

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India/Pakistan War of Plumes, India/Pakistan. Episode 3.

This is a strange but visually amazing foot border crossing between India and Pakistan. It is a ceremony steeped in politics, rivalry, and religiously fueled passions.

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They Eat Dogs Don't They? Vietnam. Episode 20.
Story at the Market Day .
It's all about food! Different kinds of food. Days spent in the traditional villages of Sapa & Bac Ha reveal mixed metaphors as the modern world merges with the culture of the past. We check out the markets and the most unusual meal options. Beware!

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India's Forbidden Valley - The Nubra, India. Episode 4.
Story at the Nubra Ride .
We rent motorbikes in Ladakh's Tibetan town of Leh and ride over the Khardung La Pass (the highest motorable road in the world at 5,606m or 18,500ft) and then drop into the permit restricted Nubra to follow the Shyok River towards Pakistan and the military disputed zones.

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Lost in Hanoi, Vietnam. Episode 21.
Story at the Hanoi .
This is a walkabout in Vietnam's Hanoi to find the Ho Chi Minh tomb. How difficult can it be to find something as big as Ho Chi Min's mausoleum? Well finding it, figuring out when it was open, a side excursion to Halong Bay, and then finding my way back to the Guest House was a trial to test even an experienced trekker.

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The Lost Digar La Pass Trek, India. Episode 5.
Story at the Digar La .
Setting out from Sabu Monastery, we follow the river into the mountains to find its source and ultimately the lost Digar La Pass (at 5,250m or 17,325ft) that was once the smuggler's foot route into the forbidden Nubra Valley.

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Cyclo Saigon like a Dinosaur, Vietnam Episode 22.
Story at the Cyclo
Cyclos (rickshaws) are going the way of the dinosaur in Saigon so we found some to give us a street level tour of the old capital of South Vietnam (now called Ho Chi Minh City). The victors always get to write history and rename the cities.

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Lamayuru Gompa - The Place of Freedom, India. Episode 6.
Story at Lamayuru Ride .
Rent a motorbike and ride out of Leh on the remote 'road' towards Kargil to visit the precarious 10th century Lamayuru Monastery, known as the Place of Freedom for sheltering sinners and criminals alike.

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Good Morning Vietnam. Episode 23.
Background on the Cao Dai Temple.
We arrive in Saigon and go exploring. We start with the a visit to the Vietnam War Museum where we are reminded of our transgressions, then a work camp for victims of US chemical bombings, then switch to a spiritual interlude, only to end up at the Chu Chi Tunnels and a propaganda film to remind us that the US invaded a gentle farming community. This is the flip side of the coin that is presented in American schools.

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Expedition to Leh, India. Episode 7.
Story at Manali to Leh .
An 18 hr shared jeep ride from hell along the only road from Manali to the far-off remote Tibetan town of Leh in Ladakh, India.

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Kayaking the Sankar River, Cambodia. Episode 24.
Story at the Sankar.
Two girls, one river, and a kayak. Stir, add sunshine, locals who have never seen a kayak, and let cook in the sun for 4 hours. The result is an uplifting view of life on this lazy river.

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The Deadly Chamba Valley Trek, India. Episode 8. (Part1 & Part2)
Story at the Chamba Trek .
A trek gone bad as we set out from the hippy village of Bhagsu to cross the Inderhar Pass at 4350m, sleep in caves, get drenched in cold rains, and become stranded on a washed out and treacherous ridge trail.

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Riverboat to Batdambang, Cambodia. Episode 25.
Story at the Riverboat.
Why take a fast bus from Siam Reap to Battambang, Cambodia, when you can take a long riverboat ride? This is an interesting alternative way to travel in Cambodia. One in which a lazy day on a river can be both too long and too entertaining. But ultimately it is interesting. It's not about life on the river. The river is life here.

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Pilgramige to the source of the Holy Ganga, India. Episode 9.
Story at the Rara Trek .
Hard travels and then trekking to reach the source of the Ganga River at the foot of the Gaumukh Glacier (3,892m) and then suffer the impact of a late winter snowstorm that catches us exposed on the glacier as we try to reach the high camp at Tapovan (4,460m).

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Cycle Angkor Wat, Cambodia, Episode 26.
Story at the Angkor Wat.
Angkor Wat is a marvel of 12th century temple complexes. Spending a week here is not enough time to see it all, yet a week can seem like too long if you are using peddle power to see the many temples. We give it a go and find that in the end it might be a bit much.

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Last Trekker to Rara Lake, Nepal, Episode 10.
Story at the Rara Trek .
Five days of hard trekking alone thru the poverty stricken Jumla District in order to reach the largest lake in Nepal. It's an isolated, rugged, sub-tropical, and calorie-deprived trek that gradually transforms into a picturesque Canadian Rocky Mountain landscape. Getting to the lake is only half the battle, one still needs to somehow return.

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Run for the Myanmar Border, Part 1, Thailand. Episode 27.
Story at the Run for the Border .
We rent dirt bikes and head out into the countryside to find dirt and ultimately cross into Myanmar. What we didn't count on is the amount of dirt we would discover on that first day.

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Shivapuri Mountain Biking, Nepal. Episode 11.
Story at the Shivapuri .
A simple 3-day mountain biking ride thru Nepal's Shivapuri National Park is evidence that nothing in Nepal is simple. Basically it all boils down to obsolete maps, roads that don't last thru the monsoon season, military checkpoints, and one's ability to plan as events unfold.

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Run for the Myanmar Border, Part 2, Thailand. Episode 28.
Story at the Run for the Border .
Two more days of eating dust on dirtbikes while tracing remote farming tracks in western Thailand. Country living at its best.

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Rocky Road from Kathmandu, Nepal. Episode 12
Story at the Langtang Again .
A motorbike ride that rattles your fillings loose. Winding Nepali roads, rocks, dangerous buses, rocks, washed out roads, rocks, shear valley walls, rocks, sub-tropical forests, rocks, dust, and did I mention rocks?

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Run for the Myanmar Border, Part 3, Thailand. Episode 29.
Story at the Run for the Border .
With time running out on my Thai visa, we spend two more days visiting border crossing after border crossing. I need to get out of Thailand and into Myanmar. The clock is running.

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Trek to Mt Langtang. Episode 13
Story at the Langtang Again .
A fast paced trek through the Langtang National Park to reach the sleepy Tibetan village of Kyanjin Gompa at the foot of Mt Langtang (7234m).

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Green Bike Bangkok, Thailand. Episode 30.
Story at the Green.
We discover free bicycles, free maps, and free time in the heart of Bangkok. A healthy alternative to Koh San Road and the nightlife.

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Ascent of Nepal's Tsergo Ri,
Episode 14.
Story at the Langtang Again .
A planned fast ascent of Tserko Ri (5,024m) didn't take into account a fast change in weather that leaves us lost in a snow storm, or a boulder aimed at my head. A climb that teetered on the edge of a deadly ending.

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Fun & Sun on Koh Tao, Thailand. Episode 31.
Story at the Koh Tao.
A tourist island that is still mostly isolated lagoons, bungalows, and beaches. Toss in cheap scooter rentals and a hike to the top of the island, then stir and let sit on a sunny beach for a few days. The formula to R&R.

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Hindu Death Rituals, Episode 15
Warning! Graphic Content! There is one thing that is certain in this lifetime: eventually we all die. In the Ram Ghats death is viewed as a natural aspect of life. I walk you thru the cremation ceremony where the soul is released from its earthly existence.

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Cycle Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. Episode 32.
Story at the Cameron.
Strawberry fields forever, then tea fields up high. A green and luscious land that was annexed by the British elite for a good reason. I find a circus bicycle and decide to get to the top of things.

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Tai Chi while High. Episode 16.

In this episode we take a short meditative break from the hard trails of NW India to practice Tai Chi, with a twist.

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Summit Merapi Volcano, Sumatra, Indonesia . Episode 33.
Story at Merapi.
Indonesia is the world's most volcano centric location. In Sumatra we set out to summit Mt Merapi (meaning Mountain of Fire ). It is the most active volcano in Sumatran with an elevation of 2,891m. Over 50 eruptions have been recorded in the past century. We set out early to reach the smoking rim by mid-afternoon, where I decide to get closer and take a look inside!

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Up the Mekong River, Laos.
Episode 17.
Story at the The River.
This is a two day riverboat ride up the Mekong, from Louang Prabang and along the Thai & Lao border to reach Huay Sai, next to the Golden Triangle. The river is the artery of life from its source in China's Qinghai Province near the border with Tibet to Vietnam where it empties into the South China Sea, a distance of 4,200 km (2,610mi).

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My First Volcano, Java, Indonesia.
Episode 34.

Story at Merapi Java.
We set off in the dead of night to summit Mt Merapi volcano (2,968 m) in Java. It has erupted regularly since 1548 and killed 64 people in 1994. But Cristina didn't know these facts until reaching some gravestones, at which time she started to have serious doubts. To calm her we pointed out that it has not had a major eruption since 2006.

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Everest Base Camp via Gokyo, Part 2, Nepal.
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Guichala for Mt. Kangchenjunga, Part 1.
Episode 47

Guichala for Mt. Kangchenjunga, Part 2.
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Annapurna Apple Pie Trek, Nepal, Part 1.
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Annapurna Apple Pie Trek, Nepal, Part 2.
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A Long Walk to Everest, via Jiri, Nepal.
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Island Peak, Nepal.
Episode 52
Epsisode 1-52 shot in
1080i-50 HDV
on miniDV
Episodes 53-65 shot in
on miniDV

Running of the Bulls, Pamplona, Spain.
Episode 53

Kayaking the Florida Everglades, Part 1.
Episode 54

Kayaking the Florida Everglades, Part 2.
Episode 55

Mongolian Horse with No Name, Mongolia.
Episode 56

Mt Beluka, Kazakhstan, Russia.
Episode 57

Siberian Express, Russia.
Episode 58

Camino de Santiago Pilgramige, Part 1, Spain.
Episode 59

Camino de Santiago Pilgramige, Part 2, Spain.
Episode 60

Camino de Santiago Pilgramige, Part 3, Spain.
Episode 61

Sarajevo in a Flash, Bosnia.
Episode 62

Three Summits, Grossner Priel, Austria.
Episode 63

Three Summits, Toubkal, Morocco.
Episode 64

Three Summits, Olympus, Greece.
Episode 65

Adventure Summary
Chronologically By Continent/Country By Type
2009 The following shot in HD (1080i50) SE Asia Safari
Nanga Parbat Base Camp - Pakistan Up the Mekong - Laos Chitwan Safari Nepal
Machilula Trek - Pakistan Summit Fanxipan - Vietnam Camel Safari India
Nubra Valley Ride - India Lost in Hanoi - Vietnam
Digarla Trek - India Cyclo Saigon - Vietnam Treks/Hikes/Walks
Lamayuru Ride - India Kayaking the Sankar - Cambodia Nanga Parbat Base Camp - Pakistan
Leh Expedition - India Riverboat Ride Cambodia Machilula Trek - Pakistan
Chamba Valley Trek - India Angkor Wat - Cambodia Digarla Trek - India
Ganges Pilgrimage - India Run for the Border - Thailand Chamba Valley Trek - India
Rara Lake Trek - Nepal Green Bike Bangkok - Thailand Rara Lake Trek - Nepal
Shivapuri Ride to Nowhere - Nepal Koh Tao Walk - Thailand Koh Tao Walk - Thailand
Langtang Again - Nepal Cameron Highlands - Malaysia Merapi2 Volcano - Indonesia
Up the Mekong - Laos Scooter Lake Maninjau - Indonesia Bromo Volcano - Indonesia
Summit Fanxipan - Vietnam Merapi2 Volcano - Indonesia Gunung Merapi  Volcano - Indonesia
Lost in Hanoi - Vietnam Bromo Volcano - Indonesia Langtang Trek Nepal
Cyclo Saigon - Vietnam Gunung Merapi  Volcano - Indonesia Mutiny On the Markha India
Kayaking the Sankar - Cambodia Guichala Pass Trek  India
Riverboat Ride to Batdambang- Cambodia Asia/India Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Nepal
Angkor Wat - Cambodia Nanga Parbat Base Camp - Pakistan Annapurna Circuit  Nepal 
Run for the Border - Thailand Machilula Trek - Pakistan Everest Base Camp via Jiri Nepal
Green Bike Bangkok - Thailand Nubra Valley Ride - India Dead Mountains Trek Austria
Koh Tao Walk - Thailand Digarla Trek - India Sarajevo Walk Bosnia
Lamayuru Ride - India Tatars Trek Slovakia
2008 Leh Expedition - India Moreton Island Walk Australia
Cameron Highlands - Malaysia Chamba Valley Trek - India Bruce Trail Hike Canada Ontario
Scooter Lake Maninjau - Indonesia Ganges Pilgrimage - India
Merapi2 Volcano - Indonesia Camel Safari India
Bromo Volcano - Indonesia Mutiny On the Markha India    Pilgrimage
Gunung Merapi  Volcano - Indonesia Stok Kangri Summit Ladakh Ganges Pilgrimage - India
Langtang Trek Nepal Amarnath Cave Pilgrimage Amarnath Cave Pilgrimage India
Chitwan Safari Nepal Guichala Pass Trek Sikkim Camino de Santiago Spain
Camel Safari India
Asia/Mongolia Kayak/Canoe/Boat
2007  Mongolia on Horseback  Kayaking the Sankar - Cambodia
Niagara Falls Loop Ride, Canada Up the Mekong - Laos
Corno Grande Climb, Italy  Asia/Nepal Riverboat Ride Cambodia
Mutiny On the Markha India Rara Lake Trek - Nepal Kayak Everglades FL, US
Stok Kangri Summit Ladakh India Shivapuri Ride to Nowhere - Nepal Kayak Miami to Key West USA Florida
Amarnath Cave Pilgrimage  India Langtang Again - Nepal Golden Crab Hunting USA Florida
Lhasa to Kathmandu Bike Ride Tibet Langtang Trek Nepal Lake Ontario to Atlantic City USA NY
Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Nepal  Chitwan Safari Nepal Algonquin Park Canoe Trip Canada Ont
Guichala Pass Trek Sikkim India Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Nepal Everglades Canoe Trip Noosa Australia
2006 Annapurna Circuit  Nepal  Video
Annapurna Circuit  Nepal    Everest Base Camp via Jiri Nepal Bicycle
Everest Base Camp via Jiri Nepal Shivapuri Ride to Nowhere - Nepal
The following shot in SD, not HD Asia/Russia/Siberia/Kazakhstan Cyclo Saigon - Vietnam
Running of the Bulls Spain Pamplona Mt Beluka  Siberia/Kazakhstan Angkor Wat - Cambodia
Kayak Everglades USA Florida Siberian Express Russia/Siberia Green Bike Bangkok - Thailand
Cameron Highlands - Malaysia
2005 Asia/Tibet Niagara Falls Loop Ride, Canada
Mongolia on Horseback Mongolia Lhasa to Kathmandu Bicycle Ride Tibet Bicycle Ride Tibet
Mt Beluka  Siberia/Kazakhstan Croom Trail Moutnain Bikes USA Florida
Siberian Express Russia/Siberia Europe Cycle St Pete to Orlando USA Florida
Camino de Santiago Spain Corno Grande Climb, Italy Cycle St Pete to Key West USA Florida
Grosser Priel Summit Austria
2004 Olympus Summit Greece Motorcycle/Car/Jeep/Train/Scooter
Tatars Trek Slovakia Dead Mountains Trek Austria Nubra Valley Ride - India
Sarajevo Walk Bosnia Running of the Bulls Spain Lamayuru Ride - India
Dead Mountains Trek Austria Tatars Trek Slovakia Leh Expedition - India
Olympus Summit Greece Trailer Sarajevo Walk Bosnia Run for the Border - Thailand
Toubkul Summit Morocco Trailer Caving Hungry Budapest Scooter Lake Maninjau - Indonesia
Grosser Priel Summit AustriaTrailer Camino de Santiago Spain Cape York Ride Australia
Fraser Island 4-Wheeling Australia
2003 N Africa Siberian Express Russia/Siberia
Cape York Ride Australia Toubkul Summit Morocco
Everglades Canoe Trip Australia
Fraser Island 4-Wheeling Australia North America/Canada/USA Mountains/Summit
Moreton Island Walk Australia Niagara Falls Loop Ride, Canada Langtang Again - Nepal
Kayak Miami to Key West USA Florida Kayak Everglades USA Florida Summit Fanxipan - Vietnam
Croom Trail Moutnain Bikes USA Florida Kayak Miami to Key West USA Florida Corno Grande Climb, Italy
Bruce Trail Hike Canada Ontario Croom Trail Moutnain Bikes USA Florida Stok Kangri Summit India
Algonquin Park Canoe Trip Canada Ont Cycle St Pete to Orlando USA Florida Mt Beluka  Siberia/Kazakhstan
Cycle St Pete to Key West USA Florida Grosser Priel Summit Austria
2002 Golden Crab Hunting USA Florida Toubkul Summit Morocco 
Cycle St Pete to Orlando USA Florida Lake Ontario to Atlantic City USA NY Olympus Summit Greece
Caving Hungry Budapest Bruce Trail Hike Canada Ontario
Algonquin Park Canoe Trip Canada Ont Other
2001 Lost in Hanoi - Vietnam
Cycle St Pete to Key West USA Florida Australia Mongolia on Horseback Video
Golden Crab Hunting USA Florida Cape York Ride Australia Caving Hungry Budapest
Everglades Canoe Trip Noosa Australia Running of the Bulls Spain
2000 Fraser Island 4-Wheeling Australia
Lake Ontario to Atlantic City USA NY Moreton Island Walk Australia = Video shot on adventure

© 2007-2011 Livio Bestulic. All rights reserved.