How to Summit Pico Turquino in Cuba

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This is an overview of how to summit Pico Turquino in Cuba. It involved a two day package trek. This post provides logistical details and facts as well as links to a videos. This is a tourist experience on a shoestring (think tiny budget).

The Package

We booked the return loop package from an Infotur office in Camaguay. The agent called the agent for the trek and we spoke to her over the phone to book. We gave our names and the desired trek date. She asked about accommodation the night before and after. We asked her to setup the night before at the trailhead village of Santo Domingo. She also said to caller when in Bayamo and she would have a private taxi (car) pick us up (both night before accommodation and taxi were not part of the package price) of $65 per person. See map below or video for trek details.

How to Summit Pico Turquino

There is an option to continue over the summit and down to the southern coast but this must be arranged in advance since your guide will hand you to a different guide at the summit. You could also start from the coast and end at the northern trailhead village of Santo Domingo.

Difficulty Level:

This is a Moderate ActivityThe Pico Turquino trek takes two days and is moderately difficult. Both because it is a lot of up-hill and because even in January it is hot and sweaty in the jungle. Plus the bad food and accommodation don’t help.

Pico Turquino

The peak is at 1974m high and located in the Sierra Maestra National Park, which is located within the Parque Nacional de Turquino in southeast Cuba. Yes, a park within a park. This seems to be a common format in Cuba.

Pico Turquino on a budget:
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Total Cost Range of this Activity is: $

Expect to spend the following per day: Room $25 (double occupancy & breakfast included), $5 lunch, $10 dinner, $10 drinks & misc ($50/day). Plus transportation and other package tourist items. This is the minimum and requires some bargaining and discipline. We paid $25 for the night (double occupancy) before the trek (large breakfast included). The summit package included food, a bottle of water and lodging for $65 per person. The food sucked so bring your own supplemental goodies. Plus mosquito repellent.

National Park Turquino Map

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The 3minuteAdventures Video

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Travel Log

Cuba – December 14, 2016 – January January 11, 2017 (28 days)

Parque Nacional de Turquino 01/02 – 01/04 – 2 nights Pico Turquino
Bayamo 01/04 – 01/05 – 1 night

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Other information

Turquino National Park

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Our Cuba Route

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We stayed at the homestay/guesthouse at the trail head village (Santa Domingo) called Casa Sierra Maestra. During the trek we stayed one night at the basecamp as part of the package. After the trek we jumped into a waiting shared pickup truck (at the park welcome center) for a 2 hour ride to Bayamo town, where we spent one night.

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We had trouble getting a ride to the national park. All buses were booked due to the holidays. Also we could not get a shared taxi for some reason. So after much waiting we managed to get a tourist bus ride as far as Bayamo via Las Tunas. From there we took a private (expensive) private taxi to the village at the park trailhead called Santa Domingo. We had booked a room for the night before the trek at a Casa homestay. Walking distance to the park welcome center.

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On a budget

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See How to visit Cuba on a Budget for details.

Our Adventures

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