About Dirttreks

Dirttreks is owned, operated, and supported by Livio Bestulic.

The Awakening

Livio is a guy who gave up the race at some point and decided to work less, simplify, and enjoy life more. In that pursuit he discovered that the outdoors where what he enjoyed the most. He found that these remote locations provided richer and more meaningful experiences the cities. Invariably he spent less time in the ‘civilized' world and more time in remote places. Soon his teenage son (Seth, living with his mom) began to accompany him on some of these outings.


When Seth turned 16, Livio recalled when he himself had run away to live in the Canadian wilderness at that age . He felt that the experience had somehow shaped him. So he proposed that Seth undertake an outdoor adventure before turning 17. The objective would be an adventure that tested him and marked his transition from a boy to a man. After much discussion they agreed on a plan. Seth would summit three mountains and if he was successful he would be rewarded with the freedom to backpack around Europe, that summer, on his own. At the suggestion of Livio's cohorts, they agreed to take along a video camera and film the event.

The adventure took five weeks and covered Austria, Morocco, and Greece. At its conclusion both Livio and Seth had bonded, had grown in unexpected ways, and discovered a love of mountains. As agreed, Seth got to travel Europe on his own that summer and then returned to the US to finish high school.

Dirttreks is hatched

Back in the world, Livio found a great deal of interest in his adventure with Seth so he resolved to create a documentary film, write it up as a short story, and to continue having adventures. The appropriate venue for the story appeared to be a web site, and hence Dirttreks was born. The site has become the scrapbook of Livio's adventures and the driving force that keeps him active and on the move.

Livio soon realized that many of his friends back in the world were unhappy with their lifestyles, but at the same time thought that travel, outdoors, adventures, and physical activities in foreign lands were out of reach and only available to the rich or extremists. Livio set out to prove that anyone could get off the couch and have adventures. Over time the site narrowed its focus to adventures or activities that real and normal people could do without a lot of experience or cash.

The Goal

The goal is now to place dots all over the world. Each of these dots represents an adventure or activity that normal people can experience with a minimum amount of money and a certain amount of determination. So wherever you live or play, Dirttreks wants to provide a template for activity, outdoor awareness, and a richer lifestyle.

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